Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Hechas Con Frecuencia

Is the Caldwell Housing Authority a government program?

The Caldwell Housing Authority is a quasi-government organization.The Caldwell City Mayor appoints the Board of Directors, and the Board in turn is responsible for management oversight.The Housing Authority received loans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to build the current inventory of housing, but the Housing Authority receives NO federal funds for staff salaries or for operations and maintenance of the housing.All expenses are paid from collected rents.

Do you have to work for a farmer or in the fields in order to live there?

The short answer to the question is YES.  Currently, the Caldwell Housing Authority (CHA) is required to follow the applicable regulations governing farm labor housing and must provide priority preference to domestic farm laborers and farm laborers legally admitted into the United States to work in agriculture (H2A workers). 
If you are not a farm laborer or get most of your household income from farm labor, you will not get priority preference for an apartment.  If there are no eligible farm laborers on the waiting list, you may be provided housing on a temporary basis and will have a month-to-month lease agreement.  You may be required to move out of your apartment should an eligible farm labor apply for housing

How soon can I get housing?

That depends on the time of year and the availability of housing.If you have all your required income and employment verification, and you are willing to move into a smaller 2-room apartment, you can expect to wait approximately 3-4 weeks before being able to move in.If you want a larger 4-bedroom unit, the wait may be between 6 and 9 months.Many families move into the smaller units and put their name on a waiting list for a larger unit.

How long can I live at the Caldwell Housing Authority?

You may live here as long as you qualify, make your monthly rent payment, and do not violate any of the terms of the lease agreement.Some families have lived at the housing authority for several years, and one tenant has live here for 30 years.

Do I have to be Hispanic or Latino to live there?

NO.The Caldwell Housing Authority does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, disability, family status, and other protected classes.Likewise, the Housing Authority does not require you to be Hispanic or Latino to live here.

Is it safe to live there, or is there a lot of crime?

The Caldwell Housing Authority is a very safe place to live.In previous years (under previous management) there has not been very much cooperation between the Housing Authority and local law enforcement.It is very different now.The Housing Authority and local law enforcement work very well together and cooperate when at all possible to address issues at the Housing Authority.In 2007, crime at the Housing Authority has been substantially reduced.The Housing Authority will be opening offices by December of 2007 for Canyon County deputies to use and occupy during routine patrols in this area.

Does the store at Farmway Village accept food stamps?

Yes.Starting October 2007, the store does accept food stamps and the state-approve Quest Card.

How much is the rent?

The rent varies on the size of the unit and whether or not you qualify for a rental subsidy.As of January 1, 2008, the small 2-bedroom apartments will be leased for $278 a month.But a tenant may only pay a portion of that amount not to exceed 30% of their gross adjusted income.The lease amounts increase for large units up to $465 a month for larger units.

Are the larger units frequently available?

Not necessarily.The larger units are not as available as the smaller units.If at all possible, we encourage you to lease a smaller unit so you can get housing and we will put you on a waiting list for a larger unit.The waiting list for larger units is between 6 and 9 months.

When is the rent due?

The rent is due on the first business day of each month.The Housing Authority does not accept cash as payments for rent.The rent must be paid with a cashier’s check or money order.

How long will it take for me to get housing?

It is really hard to tell.  As everyone is well aware, there is a housing shortage in the valley and there are more applications than available units.  Notwithstanding the priority preference for housing, it may take several months before housing is available.  Domestic farm laborers and persons legally admitted into the United States to work in agriculture will always receive first priority and may be moved up on the waiting list when apartments become available. 
Depending on many different circumstances, you may be on the waiting list between six (6) and eighteen (18) months before receiving an apartment.

How long can I live there?

You are allowed to live at Farmway Village as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.  Seasonal H2A workers live at Farmway Village for as long as ten (10) months.  Other tenants have lived at Farmway Village for several years. Your occupancy depends solely on eligibility and your ability to follow the rules and pay rent.

Is Farmway Village safe and free from crime?

The housing authority takes much pride in keeping the place safe and free from crime.  We have great tenants who look out for each other and help keep the place safe.  The housing authority has worked diligently over the years to install surveillance cameras in the common areas of the property to help deter and prevent crime. The store, mail room, offices, laundry room and roads at Farmway Village are under video surveillance for your protection.  In the last ten (10) years, no noticeable or significant criminal activity has occurred. 

What are some of the amenities at Farmway Village?

We have done a lot to build a friendly community at Farmway Village. As mentioned previously, we have a small convenient store, a laundry room, mail room, parks and picnic areas, and open recreational space for tenants to enjoy.  There is also a community center on site that can be used for parties or other community activities. In addition to the daily amenities, many volunteer organizations and service clubs volunteer at Farmway Village.  Several times throughout the year volunteers will host free medical screening, food banks, and other services.

Is the rent affordable?

Historically, rents at Farmway Village have been 70% of the market-rate rent in the community.  Providing the availability of funding, you may be entitled to rental assistance to ease the burden of rent. 

Es la Autoridad de Viviendas un programa de gobierno?

La Autoridad de Viviendas es una organizacion casi(cuasi)-gobierno.El Alcalde de Caldwell nombra un Consejo Administrativo/Mesa Directiva, y asi los Directoresson responsables de supervisar la administracion.La Autoridad de Viviendas recibio prestamos de EE.UU., Departamento de Agricultura, Desarollo Rural (USDA) y Departamento de Viviendas y Desarollo Urbano (HUD) para construir el inventorio de viviendas actual, pero la Autoridad de Viviendas NO recibe fondos federales para pagar los salaries del personal o operaciones y mantenimiento de las viviendas.Todos los gastos son pagados de la coleccion de rentas.

Tiene usted que trabajar para un granjero/agricultor o en los campos para poder vivir alli?

No, no actualmente.Cuando la Autoridad de Viviendas recibio los primeros prestamos del Desarollo Rural para contruir viviendas, fue requerido a proporcionar viviendas a personas de bajos ingresos o familias que por lo menos un miembro de la familia estubiera activamente empleado como un campesino agricola.Por la razon de que el trabajo deagricultura se esta disminuyendo y porque los agricultores escogen la automatizacionsobre trabajadores, hay menos trabajadores agricolas.La Autoridad de Viviendas recibio permiso de sus prestamistas para alquilarle a inquilinos no-agricolas y no-elegibles mientras que tengamos unidades vacias.Asi que usted no tiene que trabajar para un granjero/ranchero agricultor para vivir en la Autoridad de Viviendas.

Que tan pronto puedo obtener una vivienda?

Esto depende si hay viviendas disponibles y cual sea la epoca de año.Si tiene todos los ingresos y verificaciones de empleo que son requeridos, y esta dispuesto a mudarse a una vivienda pequeña de 2-habitaciones, tiene que esperar aproximadamente de 3-4 semanas para mudarse aqui.Si usted quiere una unidad mas grande de 4-habitaciones, la espera puede ser de 6 a 9 meses.Muchas familias se mudan a los apartamentos pequeños y ponen su nombre en una lista de espera para una unidad mas grande.

Cuanto tiempo puedo vivir en la Autoridad de Viviendas de Caldwell?

Usted puede vivir aqui mientras que califique, pague su renta mensual, y no violar ninguno de los terminos del acuerdo de arrendamiento.Algunas familias han vivido en la Autoridad de Viviendas por varios años treintay un inquilino ha vivido aqui por (30) años.

Tengo que ser Hispano o Latino para vivir alli?

NO.La Autoridad de Viviendas no discrimina encontra de personas por bases de raza, etnicidad, color, religion, sexo/genero, incapacidad, posicion de familia, y otras clases protegidas.Asimismo, la Autoridad de Viviendas no require que usted sea Hispano o Latino para vivir aqui.

Es seguro vivir alli o hay mucho crimen?

La Autoridad de Viviendas de Caldwell es un lugar muy seguro para vivir.En los años anteriores (bajo la direccion administrativa previa)no habia mucha cooperacion entre la Autoridad de Viviendas y la ley/policia local.Es muy diferente ahora.La Autoridad de Vivendas y la ley/policia local trabajan muy bien en conjunto y cooperan cuando es possible y se dirigen a resolver asuntos/problemas dela Autoridad de Viviendas.En 2007, el crimen ha sido sustancialmente reducido.Para Diciembre 2007, la Autoridad de Viviendas de Caldwell abrira oficinas de delegados(deputies) de Condado Canyon para usar y ocupar durante las guardias rutinarias es esta area.

Acepta la tienda de la Aldea Farmway cupones/estampillas de alimentos?

Si.Empezando Octubre 2007, la tienda si aceptara cupones/estampillas de alimentos con la tarjeta Quest Card aprobada por el estado.

Cuanto es el costo de Alquiler?

El alquiler varía dependiendo del tamaño de la unidad y si acaso califica para subvencion/ayuda de renta.Desde el primero (1) de Enero, 2008, las viviendas pequeñas de 2- habitacionessealquilaran por $278.00por mes.Pero pueda que un inquilino pague una porcion de esta cantidad sin exceder el 30% de sus ingresos total/bruto ajustados.La cantidad de alquiler para la unidades mas grandes aumenta hasta $465.00 por mes.

las unidades mas grandes, disponibles con frecuencia?

No necesariamente.Las unidades mas grandes no estan tan disponibles como las más pequeñas.Si es posible, le animamos alquilar una unidad mas pequeña para que consiga vivienda y le pondremos en una lista de espera para una vivienda mas grande.La lista de espera para unidades mas grandes es de 6 a 9 meses.

Cuando se vence el alquiler?

El Instituto de la vivienda de Caldwell es una organización del cuasi-gobierno. El Alcalde de la Ciudad de Caldwell designa la Junta directiva, y la Tabla es en cambio responsable del descuido de la administración. El Instituto de la vivienda recibió los préstamos de los EE.UU. El departamento de la Agricultura, el Desarrollo Rural (USDA) y los EE.UU. El departamento de Envoltura y Desarrollo Urbano (HUD) construir el inventario actual de envoltura, pero el Instituto de la vivienda no recibe los fondos federales para